Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let's Get Started Shall We?

This is gonna be a challenge.

You never know what you may find here on this blog, just as I have no pre-concieved idea what I will put here. One thing is for sure.........some may find it interesting, while others may be dissappointed that I never seem to mention flying purple elephants that drink green tea while watching HBO's The Wire as they channel surf...............wait a second!......if you are the type to whine about such stuff, you might want to get a check up from the neck up regarding your belief in flying purple elephants. One more thing is for sure at this point.......the fact that I even mentioned flying purple elephants here right off the bat here should at least be satisfying the aforementioned "dissappointed".

Sooner or later, I intend on writing about stuff that I have noticed is either hardly ever written about, discussed, or that anyone seems willing to admit. Music, Religion, Politics, News, Entertainment and Deep Things. Mmmmmm, I sense that as you just read that previous sentence, you said to yourself "Music, Religion, Politics, News, Entertainment and Deep Things..........EVERYBODY writes about that!".......and you are absolutely right! Therefore, I promise to share with you items from those categories that others refuse to mention or notice.

I hope this first installment will suffice in generating at least a little sustained interest from you that you may come to appreciate this effort and return often.

Now that that is out of the way...........my fingers are greatly anticipating whipping out some immediate observations.......unfortunately, my eyeballs disagree.......until tomorrow!

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