Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sometimes the signs of the end are obvious.
Sometimes somebody has to point them out to you.

Sign 1. In 1998, during the Grammy Awards, Aretha Franklin fills in for Luciano Pavoratti and signals the end with her rendition of "Nessun Dorma". (That pretty much convinced me that we were all doomed)

Sign 2. If ever anyone needed proof that aliens exist and have arrived. Every Jimbob that has been abducted from their corn fields have described their abductors as looking exactly like..............James Carville! (I could be wrong here. I forgot to consider that Mr. Carville might be one of those Jimbob's offspring!........I wonder if his middle name is Bob.....hmmmmm)

Sign 3. The current plan for the widening of Interstate 95 in the northeast area of Baltimore. This one probably comes off a bit of a stretch to you, but just think about it. First off, they build this highway without any clue that it would become obsolete in a short period of time. For example, the powers that be added insult to injury when this are became a "targeted growth area" for Baltimore County. Surely you can't have plans for a targeted growth area without figuring out a plan how to handle all of the traffic. Well, they targeted the area anyway and now it has been decided that since I-95 is probably the busiest highway on the East Coast we ought to widen it and add a toll lane so folks can completely bypass this targeted growth area. Smart eh? Don't get me wrong, I-95 is a big problem and it needs to be improved. Unfortunately its gonna take at least ten years or so to complete it. By that time it will be already obsolete....again!. You might ask....."how is this even a sign of the end?" Simple actually. Think about the morons that we have in charge of planning. Such leadership and inept visionaries are probably causing the planets to misalign. If the planets misalign we are doomed. (OK, that WAS a stretch.....but consider the stress and mayhem this has caused people...alot of people. These people can become suicidal. Sounds like a sign to me)

More signs are coming!

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