Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Few Thoughts

Aren't you getting tired of hearing about this alleged "global warming"? For some reason there are certain people such as Al Gore that fully expect that the largest portion of human beings on this planet are complete idiot moron lemmings that will have no common sense and fall for every load of bullshit thrown their way. Today I read an article where NASA is planning to send a space probe toward the corona of the sun. They say that they want to learn why the sun does certain things such as:

Why is the sun actually cooler than its surrounding area?

What speeds up the radiation and ions from the sun after it is discharged?

I also ran across another report that states that the sun is currently at the end of a cycle and that for the past few years, the sun has been "quiet". Hmmmmm. What do they mean about "quiet"? It turns out that there has not been any sunspot activity for a few years. Hmmmmm.
No sunspots? The satellite industry surely won't complain about that. I also read where scientists say that a new sun cycle will start up in ain't that interesting? I recommend that people actually read up on the sun and what scientists are saying. It is very enlightening and totally flies in the face of all of this propaganda that we keep hearing in the media.

"Global Warming"..............think about it. The Earth does not radiate from within. The earth is not the source of heat. The Sun IS. If anything is actually getting hotter it would be the Sun. If anything is causing the earth to get "warmer" it has to be the Sun. Plain and simple. Politicians, such as Barack Obama, want YOU to believe that YOU are causing the planet to heat up. If you believe that, then you are a moron.

Oh.....and here is another little tidbit about the sun and the earth.............scientists say that in something like a billion years, the sun will have completely consumed the earth. In other words, the sun will likely become a black hole. Now imagine somebody trying to tell you that it would be YOUR fault that this is gonna happen...........Now also imagine somebody trying to tell you that there is something that mere humans can do to stop it from happening!

I am thinking that there should be at least one seat onboard that sun probe........for Al Gore.
And maybe we can tell him to bring back some pictures.........hehehe.


Ask yourself why anyone would vote for this dude fro President of the United States:

Well, I won't be voting for him. No, not because he has a cigarette.......hehehe.....but.....because he is a Marxist. Plain and simple. That a black man is a Marxist ought to be alarming to anyone. Some would say, "Hey now, Obama is only HALF black". Hmmmmm. Does this mean than it is his "white" side that is the Marxist portion? Well, I wouldn't vote for an all-white Marxist there!

Oh well........I suppose this is enough for today. I plan on writing a little more often in the days to come.............not that there is a huge contingent of people who log on to the internet and visit this blog to see what I write next.........hehehe.

By the what I do when I log onto the internet.......visit these sites daily:

Now you know.

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