Friday, June 20, 2008

Ahhh The Week Has Ended

Once upon a time, I let my beard keep growing and seen in the above picture. The upside to this was that people move out of your way at the store. The downside to the long beard was I would always get little old ladies that came up to me at Burger King that would say "You look like one of the apostles." Another upside was that people thought I was a biker and therefore left me alone and never tried to start anything with me. Now that was interesting.......and yet, still to this day some people think I am a biker. I have only been on a motorcycle once and I immediately decided that I prefer four wheels on the ground. Also, I would continually be compared to Charles Manson. Hmmmmm......let's just say that the only thing me and Charlie have ever had in common was that we both have a large FAMILY......hehehe. Oh well......that's me, years ago in the picture........the non-conformist that I am.

See this picture? ..........Surely, you know already that NBC's Tim Russert passed away. He appeared to be a very likeable guy and I would have to say that he may well have been the only reason to ever watch NBC. Now just look at this picture again..........see the alien behind him?

Everytime I would see Tim Russert, I had to think about his evil twin that was separated from him at birth. Well, you tell me............either it's his evil twin or it's the same person.

This is Jeffrey Jones........Tim Russert's evil twin. Jones is an actor and you probably have seen him on countless tv shows and movies. You have to think the two gotta be related in some way.

Now is this Tim Russert or Jeffrey Jones?

This is scary stuff.

I was watching the Gene Simmons Roast on A&E network the other night and one of the guest roasters was comedian Paul Rodriguez. Now every time I see Paul Rodriguez I expect him to start playing a piano and belting out "I Love You Just The Way You Are".

Likewise, whenever I see Billy Joel, I am expecting some Hispanic comedy.

Now wait a second! this Joel or Rodriguez?


Uh oh........somebody lost some hair!

..........But then is show biz and it ain't so hard to cover up that dome.

Hey...........YOU figure it out.......I give up! is finally the end of the week and it is time to hopefully relax and make some noise with the may be noise "but it's still rock and roll to me".

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