Thursday, June 14, 2007

UFO's, Space Stations and Other Mysteries

I was thinking about the many hours I spent participating on the internet chat program entitled "Paltalk". For the most part, I spent the majority of my time there in discussions about the Watchtower and its adherents, the Jehovah's Witnesses. I will blog about some of those discussions here in the near future. There is one thing though that frequently popped up in just about every discussion, no matter what night or day that I was on Paltalk................ufo's.

Often, religious discussions will occur where somebody comes along and mentions flying saucers.....and then there are those times when a participant announces to everyone that he is a bona fide alien from one of those flying objects. I remember one guy who was promoting the notion that there are lizard people coming to get us.......hehehe. There are all sorts of wacky people on the planet and there are legions of these people on Paltalk.

It has been over a year now since I last logged onto Paltalk. I can imagine that nothing has changed much there. Same old discussions and arguments...........and most likely........more wacky folks telling others about the lizard people coming to get us in their ufo's.

I would love to see a UFO........unfortunately, I do not live where they seem to be showing up. It would be fantastic if a UFO would hover over a ghetto in Baltimore..........wouldn't that be wild?
Instead, the people of Baltimore are left with police helicopters and Medivac copters hovering in the skies.........and way out there somewhere in the sky..............the multi-billion dollar space station. I was listening to a radio program the other night and a guy named Hoagland was being interviewed. He has been following closely the recent shuttle mission. Hoagland apparently has exclusive access to information about this recent escapade in space. What really caught my ear was when he said he had an exclusive about a problem with the space station. He said that the curled up piece of foam on the shuttle was "not" the real problem happening. What?
Now my ears have perked up. Well.......he said that the major media did not know about this specific problem because NASA had not given any press releases about official announcements. I find that very interesting.
Well, according to Hoagland, the scoop was that the computers on the space station were down. No way to control the gyroscopes.........the space station is basically spinning out of control! The shuttle jets were being used to steer the station and they only have so much power to keep doing that before they run out. This is amazing stuff! I wondered how long it would take for NASA to make this announcement.
Well, earlier today, I heard a report on the news that "fire alarms" had been sounding on the space station. It was allegedly in the Russian section of the craft and yet after thorough searches, no problem was found. I heard this and thought...."sounds like a bullshit warm-up to me". Then, later today, the big news broke. It was finally reported that there are problems with the computer systems that control the space station and operate the life support systems.
Amazing stuff. Here is the deal........if they do not get it fixed real will be "ABANDON SHIP!" ........that's right..........billions of bucks about to wander off into oblivion or at the very least find its good ole way into a fiery return to the planet. If that happens, we may all have something to see in the sky.............let's just hope it falls in an unpopulated area.

Hoagland said that NASA cannot find any momentum to proceed with any program to get us back to the moon as long as we are bogged down with the space station program. This is very interesting. I suspect he is suggesting that this recent "problem" may well be a planned event.

We will stayed tuned to this one won't we?

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