Thursday, June 07, 2007

This Is Very Frustrating

Did I mention how sometimes I have an internet connection and sometimes I do not?........well.........for some unknown reason, after a few days of being unable to log on to the wonderful world of the internet with my overused laptop, I have internet today and there was nothing that anyone did to make it happen..........imagine that.

Actually, it must be part of a bigger plan by somebody.....say Bill Gates (hehehe) to make people such as myself get so extremely frustrated with connectivity difficulties that the following will happen as a result:

1. I toss this computer out onto Interstate 95 where some tandem tractor trailer load of Chinese imports embeds this piece of frustrating wonderfulness right into the ruts on the inside fast lane.

2. That I would, because of this frustration, spend some money with Microsoft Support.

3. Cut to the chase and buy a new laptop with, of course, the newest version of Windows.

Until one of the above actually looks like I will just have to keep trying to occasionally log on, as it has been the past few weeks.

Odds are, this is all the result of viruses, trojans, name it.

And the odds are............this crap is NOT on my laptop because of some moron in a t-shirt with nothing better to do other than spread pc disease around the planet. I suggest it is all part of a big business plan......such as.......Bill Gates' Microsoft. After all, if what you have is the best, why would you need to "upgrade"? Progress?........maybe a couple times..........but every year? Nahhhh.

While I am in a griping mood today, here are a few more things I just have to get out of my system:

Okay, so you are he goes again..............but you just gotta know this: I am not going away on this one.........not until the Watchtower goes away. Alot of people would say, if asked, "Sure, I know a Jehovah's Witness." you don't. If you have some sort of gift from God that makes it so that you are able to make some sense out of the dain bramaged, then please come to the forefront and make yourself known to the planet. There are people out there that suffer and continue to suffer due to their having anything to do with the Watchtower Society.

If you are a Jehovah's Witness and reading this, do not misconstrue these words that you are actually reading, as being some sort of food for your ingrained need for your persecution complex. I will elaborate on this in the future. I am sure that what I have to share about this issue can at least help someone "prevent" some damage.

Just when you think you have something figured out and progress is being made, someone does or says something so absolutely unfathomable that it is hard to accept that it comes from an alleged intelligent being.

To be honest with whoever is reading this here, I just will have to stop this particular rant at this point before I get nasty. As I stated before, I will indeed be addressing Jehovah's Witnesses frequently stay tuned.

And now on to some other stuff:

Has anyone noticed this shit going down lately?..........or are there some people out there who are waiting for someone like Vincent Price to announce it?......well Vinnie's not around anymore to tell us this stuff, so we have to rely on another scary celebrity............

...........that's right.........Al Gore.
Jesus God, if this is the best authority on the planet in regards to our alleged self imposed demise, then there really is no hope for us at all......and thus.....yet another

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