Sunday, January 03, 2010

A New Years Resolution Off To A Good Start

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In my previous post I mentioned that pushing for the Fair Tax plan.......the one that Neal Boortz one of my New Years resolutions. No sooner had I written that and posted it on the blog, I checked my email and lo and behold there was the following letter in my inbox:


This winter has seen big early blizzards and ice storms in the mid- and northwest, low elevation snow packs in the western mountains, snow in Houston, and warmer, wetter weather than usual in Florida and parts of the Southeast. These severe and unusual weather patterns seem to mirror the fiscal storm that has swept across the entire nation.

The economy -- and the desperate need for real growth that will bring jobs once again to the most productive workers in the world -- should unite us no matter where we live. But as worried as we all are, the nation remains fractured over whether to spend even more money to dig out of this economic hole we’re in, or whether that spending makes the hole even deeper.

We FairTaxers know there is a better way -- a way back to health and an American economic boom that will last generations.

Once upon a time the idea of spending trillions of dollars was almost unthinkable. This year, we have seen our leaders throwing around hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars like it was monopoly money. It's not "play money."

Where is that money coming from?

It is both borrowed from foreign nations and private investors, and it is being printed hand-over-fist at the Federal Reserve. The loans from other nations and investors are being secured with promises of taxes on you, your children, their children, and their children. Our national debt now totals more than $500,000 per American household.

To make matters even worse, the Federal Reserve’s “printing press” dollars are now being used to buy US Treasury notes -- from ourselves!

It is a dangerous and unsustainable path that must change. We must change the direction our government has taken, or our best days as a nation are behind us.

This year must become the year of the FairTax.

A “Happy New Year” this year must mean a re-dedication to advancing the FairTax with even more intensity than ever before. Our nation needs the FairTax and our nation needs us. Our voices must be clear, determined, and persuasive so that millions of Americans join our essential cause.

We begin this new year with a call on Congress to hold hearings on the FairTax. We are “petitioning our government for a redress of grievances” -- one of the citizen tools bequeathed to us by our founding fathers.

If you have not already, please sign the petition to Charlie Rangel, Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, right now.

Equally as important, ask your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors to join us in winning a hearing on the most important change in government public policy in a century.

If you have not already, e-mail the link for this petition to your friends today:

Wish them a better coming year than the one we have just endured. Let them know that together we can create a new era of American growth that will last generations with the FairTax.

Tell them that the FairTax is the fastest and smartest path to more jobs, a better standard of living, and a better future for our children and their children.

Let everyone you meet know about how the FairTax will pull trillions of dollars into the country -- not out of taxpayer pockets -- from offshore. That means more jobs, better jobs, better wages, and better benefits.

Let everyone you know understand that the FairTax also brings taxes and the cost of government into the light of day so that we can end irresponsible and destructive borrowing and spending in Washington.

Our best days can still be ahead of our nation -- if we act together now.

With your help, this will be the year of the FairTax.

Happy New Year.

Ken Hoagland
Chairman, FairTax National Victory Campaign

By sharing this letter here, it looks like I am off to a good start with my New Years resolutions.......but more importantly........I want US citizen that happens to read this to take note. Please do some research about the Fair Tax plan and perhaps you will understand why it is that I am all for it and why I firmly believe that you should be too. Once you realize that its time has come.....then I urge you to start talking about it to your friends and neighbors and take action yourselves. Otherwise..........this debt that continues to pile up upon our children and grandchildren will never go away.........ever.

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