Monday, November 16, 2009

Riviera Maya Vacation - Part Two

After we got ourselves assimilated and if we weren't ready....hehehe.....we proceeded to roam about and begin baking in the hot sun of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It didn't take me very long to ditch my black Ravens cap.......which was baking the gray matter inside my I went to one of the shops located in one of the lobbies and bought a white cap. I also had forgotten a pair of sunglasses when we left stupid was that? I bought a pair of cheesy purple and white sunglasses as well. Now I was ready for the business at hand........hehehe.

The first thing I took note of is the hugeness of this resort. There is a ton of walking to get here and there.......which is good cardio.....not a bad thing for me since I need that kind of thing.......but when I walk any kind of distance.....even a short upper right leg and hip starts killing me. Oh well......I just had to suffer through it........and what a place to suffer, eh? I would rather suffer here than in Baltimore.

Iguanas were pretty much everywhere..........well........not everywhere.........but they were around throughout the resort.......especially along walkways and near the pools. Iguanas do not bother anyone........they just hope for something to eat and they love to sit in the sun.......just like alot of people do.

It seems like there was a pool everywhere I looked. Huge pools, smaller pools for kid and even an adult pool which was a bit more secluded in that it was surrounded by bushes for privacy. The small pool in the picture above was one of those for kids. To the left was one of the huge pools.

The huge pools have, of course, pool bars.

Around the outer edges of the huge pool are lounge chairs. In the picture above, you can see that the pool has built-in loungers so you can lay right there in the pool.

I realize that it appears that there aren't many people here. This was not their busy season and the resort was not even half-full. Even if this had been their busiest season, it would still seem like it wasn't very busy because of the huge expanse of the property. I cannot write words to describe it and the pictures only go so far with telling the story........this place is the largest I had ever seen.

We spent some time at the adult pool. You can see that the jacuzzi is surrounded by large white columns. As you can see in the picture, I was fighting for my life and reaching for help so I wouldn't drown.........hehehe.

The adult pool area was very nice and the only shenanigans that I saw was a few exposed pair of which would float above the water.....hehehe. The other entertainment in that regard was an interacial couple that played in the pool. The woman was huge..........let's put it this way..........when she got the the pool, the water level rose at least several inches.......hehehe. As it happened, she and her husband frolicked in the pool and I couldn't help but watch as he attempted to lift her out of the water and body slam her back into the was hilarious to watch......but a bit sickening to see her exposed extremely huge sagging breasts flapping around in the water..........then again.......there are some people that enjoy such a thing. No harm was done and it was obvious that the couple was simply enjoying themselves and having a great time.

Don't you wish you could have been there?

Supernurse was soaking up the sun as she listened to music on her mp3 player. One of my favorite things to do is to sit next to her and watch her enjoy the music that I put on her mp3 player. I could do that all day. She was happy, happy, happy.......and I was delighted.

The pools alone would be more than enough for some folks..........but I am not really a pool person since I cannot swim. Somehow, along the way, in my life, I had acquired a love of the beach. There is something about the beach that is good for the soul.........and for me, it is a necessity. The problem is that I might only get to a beach only a few times in a year. Needless to say.........I was here for the beach and hit the beach i did.

In this picture, I am looking south towards the rocky reef area. This area is prime for snorkeling, which I didn't do this time. The salt water pool is located just on the other side of the point......but more on that later. Our suite was located in the 3-story villas that you can see in the distance.

What do you do when you are at the beach and the sun is going down behind you? sit right there and enjoy that which is right before your eyes. It was like being in a Corona commercial.

One day at the beach, we spotted a cloud that was forming a water spout. It was interesting to watch it form and unform and eventually it made it to a complete funnel down to the water. While this was happening..........I was in the water with Captain Morgan. Supernurse took the opportunity to snap off a couple pictures of the event.

Perhaps the water spout was an omen. Maybe it was a sign of things to come. At the time.......I had no idea what could be heading our way.

Stay tuned..........there is plenty more to tell and there are plenty more pictures to show you.

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