Monday, October 01, 2007

It's October - Is It Vacation Time Yet?

Is it vacation time yet? Gee Whiz.....How much garbage do we have to be inundated with on a daily basis? Turn on the television, read the newspapers, listen to can't miss it............we are being bombarded with ridiculous bad that I am stunned that Al Gore hasn't declared that it causes global warming!

Here's a piece of my mind.............excuse me........I just have to say a few things that nobody else seems to say.

.......I noticed that anytime an anti-war moron comes forth in the media, they spout off that our "kids" are dying on a daily basis in Iraq. This really pisses me off and it is an insult to every soldier that serves our country. Isn't it odd that if a 19 yr old gets killed in your home town, he is a "man", but if he is killed in Iraq he is a "kid"? This "kid" bullcrap is intended to tug at your is propaganda. Then again.....these same "kids" have "kids" but nobody ever mentions them.

......It's pretty bad when the cops get new toys and the non-heinous people that are suspected of breaking the law become guinea pigs for big brave, well-trained obese cops. I watched a video of a big fat cop using a taser gun repeatedly on a woman that was probably one-fourth his am so impressed. What is up with this crap? I remember having a job as a manager of a very busy lounge full of rednecks in Florida. As with any establishment of this type, you will encounter rowdy drunks that will dot your eyes just for leisure activity.......but I ran this place without ever needing a weapon....imagine that. Where are they getting these fat cops from?.......I cannot explain it. These wussies need to be fired so they can work for some Pakistani at Dunkin' Donuts where he can serve some "real" cops......hehehe. Seriously, the powers that be, ought to rethink their hiring practices and start letting some "less qualified" people do the job. Don't get me wrong here........I just think there are droves of men who have some guts and can handle the job better......but their only problem is that they have a "criminal" record and thus are not "qualified". If you want wussies, give them taser guns. If you want someone that can kick some asses, give others a chance.

......While channel surfing, I noticed that all of the major networks run commercials at the very same time. This kind of thing HAS to be proof that they all work in concert.

.......FoxNews reporter Phil Keating is the MAN! You gotta like a guy that looks like he doesn't give a flip if his hair is messed up (and it always is).

.......and that Jena 6 nonsense....hmmmm....."kids" eh? Since they will most likely let these morons skate, I recommend they send all of the perps to Iraq with no body armor.

.......After watching the most recent Democrat Debate for President, I have come to the conclusion that Joe Biden would probably be who I would vote for if I was to vote. It looks like Biden is at least someone that says what he truly nonsense. It's a shame he will never beat Hillary.

.......Speaking of Hillary Clinton.....isn't it just such fun to watch this moron hoodwink scores of other morons into swallowing her communist manifesto?.......Huh? didn't notice that eh?......oh yes, how quickly everyone has forgotten about that. Try a Google search to refresh your memory. Type in "Karl Marx Communist Manifesto" and then you shall have refreshed your noggin. Then compare the Marx manifesto with the stuff Hillary wants to impose on can thank me later.

.......whenever you hear a politician utter the word "comprehensive", start stashing your money away immediately.

........So now Maryland governor Martin O'Malley wants slots machines. When we had a republican governor, O'Malley was against slots.....go figure. What really pisses me off is that O'Malley is trying to hawk slots as an answer for funding education. Got that? Does it sound familiar? The democrats once told us that the "LOTTERY" money would go to the schools......remember? Now, put your thinking caps on and think how great the school system has been since the lottery was initiated...............yep, those democrats believe that you will have forgotten about that and will swallow the O'Malley spiel hook, line and sinker.

.........And while he is at it, O'Malley wants to tax everything in sight. He has his sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened so he can work real hard on this as he takes his plate of bullshit to kitchen tables across the state. I am so impressed when I see politicians with loosened ties and rolled up sleeves.............I just wish they would drop their pants.

.........Have you ever heard Barack Obama actually say anything when he is talking? He sounds good........comes across as educated....intelligent.....crafty.....slick.....literate......concerned.....oops......we should not forget that he is a politician. He doesn't have a chance against Hillary. Let me know if Obama actually says something.

.......The politicians always spew up the following during the election primaries....."The people WANT someone with experience in Washington".......hehehehe. They never polled people like me. On the contrary, most people I know would tell you that we do NOT want the same old, same old, career politicians in office.......just look at all they have NOT done while in office.

........and finally.......Have you seen the latest car dealership ads? You know the ones.....where they claim "You PAY What WE PAY!" and "Employee Pricing". Truth in advertising? Yep! Consider the following.........take a look at the employment section of your local newspaper........look at all of the help wanted ads for car sales sales are down, so these places are NOT busy......the problem is they have a high turnover rate........the sales people are getting ripped off and they leave. "Employee Pricing" is correct in that the dealership employees probably pay exactly what you would have to deals. "You Pay What We Pay".....sounds good doesn't it? kidding. Whatever the dealership pays for any car is ALWAYS included in the price what YOU have to pay! some!

It's all over, Ozzy singing yet?

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