Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baltimore - Food for Thought

If you are not in the Baltimore area, you probably haven't heard about the latest shenanigans that have been put upon the ordinary folk. Lucky you. Lately, there have been alot of reports printed in the Examiner about people complaining about parking tickets. Okay....okay....parking big deal, right?........everybody gets one eventually.

The problem is that it appears that these days you might even get a parking ticket for parking somewhere in the city of Baltimore even though your car hasn't had a working engine in a year and it has been sitting in your garage! Imagine that one! Apparently there has been a problem with some renegade morons under the employ of Baltimore City. They have been writing tickets for imaginary violations..........well...........what other words could describe it?

The problem just gets worse and worse. Let's say you get a bill sent to you in the mail for this alleged dispute the authorities.....they do nothing.......and then your driving license and registration gets flagged by the Motor Vehicles Association. A whole new can of worms has been put upon you along with more penalty fees. No doubt there is a lack of communication amongst the bureaucratic cesspools.....but it has gone a bit far over and above the acceptable limits of the ingestion of governmental spew.

So now, because of some moron idiot that works for the city, you will not be able to renew your tags. Nice....ain't it?...........maybe it could be easily resolved by showing up for traffic court.......which, of course, will cause you to lose a day's pay from your job and maybe even net you a whole new parking ticket in the process. Let's say you do decide to fight this in court and you prove you were in Wyoming fishing for floating gonads........simple will most likely win your you are gonna lose another day's pay arguing with the MVA.

The stories are way to numerous.........local residents, vacationers, visitors, workers.....nobody has been exempt from these renegade morons that write the tickets. You would think that somebody would put an immediate stop to all of this nonsense.........but THAT has not happened. Since the Examiner broke the story the local government is being forced into looking like it cares and Mayor Sheila "I Have A Plan" Dixon has ordered an "investigation"........hehehe.....imagine is the equivalent of consulting Jehovah's Witnesses about what can be done to avoid destructive cult groups.

You can read all about this fiasco at

I have thought about all of this and here is what I have to say:

1. Regarding the morons on the city payroll that have been writing the bogus tickets........FIRE each and every one of them!......and do it immediately! No excuses! might be that they were simply following orders.........I could care less. Since when is it acceptable to aid and abet criminal activity?

2. Regarding the department heads involved.......FIRE each and every one of them!.......and do it immediately! The taxpayers are tired of paying these inept morons.

3. Regarding the judges at traffic court.........duh.........we are paying these idiots too.....its about time that they are held accountable. They have known about this problem for a long time now and have done nothing about it. These morons need to be fired. I am tired of paying taxes and assorted fines which pay for their extravagant lives and idiotic attitudes.

4. Regarding the MVA........revamp the system or abolish it altogether. All it is functioning as is a revenue collection agency.

5. Regarding the alleged "investigation" ordered by Mayor Dixon........don't waste the taxpayer's money with this nonsense.....stop it immediately.....we all know what the problem is.

6. Regarding those who recieved bogus tickets..........file lawsuits against each and every person involved.

7. Regarding Mayor Dixon.........was the bogus ticket policy part of your "plan"? You might as well fess up to any other shenanigans that you have running amok.

It would not surprise me if sooner or later somebody tries to say that this was all carried over from the O'Malley administration. Maybe it would be no shock. But you would think someone would have stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem.

One of the problems may well be the quality of the ticketing agents. No doubt there are more than a few morons being employed. It is time that the city start hiring some people with decent skills and morals. Considering the quality of the employable in Baltimore City......they might want to look outside the box.

This is a major disgrace. Shame on them.

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