Sunday, February 25, 2007

Music For Dinner

We decided to go out to dinner last night. We went to a new place nearby called the Silver Moon Diner. While the service was a bit questionable, I gotta tell you that the food was fantastic. I ordered broiled flounder stuffed with crab and there was so much of it that I could not eat it all. Everything tasted great. While we were eating, we fed a dollar into the game/music jukebox that was located in our booth. To my surprise, the musical options were staggering..........and lo and behold......I saw a list of my favorites. It is really unusual to find complete Todd Rundgren & Utopia albums on a jukebox in a diner. I selected the Utopia "Ra" album and the very long song entitled "Singring & The Glass Guitar". Imagine that............I was in heaven. Fantastic music to go with fantastic food makes for a fantastic dinner. Hats off to the folks at the Silver Moon Diner.

Here is a photo of Utopia back in the day................if you have never heard them, you have missed much. Chances most likely have heard these guys and never knew it. They were the musicians on the Meat Loaf album "Bat Out Of Hell". Also, Todd Rundgren was the producer of that album.

I ran across this picture on the internet. I swear I saw this same guy at the grocery store the other day.
Oh well, it is snowing here again...............this is where, as a Baltimoreon, I am supposed to go immediately to the grocery store and buy up all of the toilet paper, milk, and bread.
Until next time.........

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