Friday, February 02, 2007

Lady Lake Tornado

Last night I was using my computer and doing some random searches for stuff, for no particular reason.......just out of boredom, I suppose. I always check for latest news reports and stuff like that. After getting my fill of news, I decided to check for some stuff on You Tube. I, of course searched for videos about Baltimore and some of my favorite see if there was anything new out there..........and for the first time, I searched the word "Maryland". To my surprise, I saw some videos listed for a cheerleading squad that just so happens to be the very same cheerleading squad that my daughter had been a cheerleader and coach with for many years. It brought back memories of hauling my daughter back and forth to dozens and dozens of practice sessions and competitions. Of course, her cheerleading squad was one of the nation's very best.........snicker snicker.

I got tired of looking at You Tube stuff and went back to searching Google for stuff at random. I had no particular reason to do a search for the town of Lady Lake, Florida.......except for the fact we lived there for a few years back in the early eighties. I figured I would see what was up with the town. Well, outside of news stories about retirement communities and the local police chief asking for money for more high powered rifles.........there wasn't much happening. This was about midnight and I got tired and went to bed. By the way, that Lady Lake Police Chief is none other than a guy named Ed Nathanson. Ed was once an employee of mine. I hired him as a bouncer when I managed a liquor store and lounge in Leesburg, Florida. At the time, he was attending training classes so he could become a cop. As it was, at that time, I don't believe Lady Lake had more than two officers and he became one of them. Ed was a pretty decent guy and I am sure he still is.

So I wake up this morning to look at the television and see where Lady Lake, Florida was decimated by tornadic weather at about 3 A.M. I was shocked! I saw the pictures and watched and listened closely to see if I could recognize anyone or any buildings. I couldn't.....of course alot of that area has changed alot over the years and I probably wouldn't recognize much of it at this point anyway, BUT, on FOXnews I heard them interview a woman on the phone. She was the manager of a Dunkin' Donuts (they didn't have one of those in Lady Lake when I lived there) and she mentioned that she was particularly upset because one of her friends who "owns a nursery, lost her mother.........and the nursery was destroyed". Lady Lake is not a huge place, in fact, when I lived there it was a wide place in the to speak.........a speed trap along 27/441. But when I lived there, I lived in an upstairs apartment.....above the NURSERY! It was called Cange's Nursery and it was right next to the building that was a "miniature castle"......right down the street from the log cabin. My apartment was at the very same northern part of Lady Lake that was being spoken about as having been destroyed overnight.

It is pretty strange to see people live in a small, somewhat perfect world and in the blink of an eye......a few is all gone. Nature can be good and can be very bad. Those people are gonna need alot of is amazing that anyone survived. So what does all of this have to do with me searching the internet last night?..........

I cannot explain why I happened to search "Lady Lake" on the internet news last night BEFORE the destruction.

I cannot explain it except to say it was all a "coincidence".............. problem with that explanation..........remember that cheerleading squad I mentioned above?.............the squad's name is the Maryland "TWISTERS" and their logo is a now I have absolutely NO explanation for THAT.

I just do not know what to make of it.

See the nice picture above.

It is a nice picture of bubble wrap.

People love to pop bubble wrap.

You can pop bubble wrap now without actually having any.

Go know you cannot resist.......

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