Thursday, March 15, 2007

Moron Of The Week - Rosie O'Donnell

Okay......It's been a while since I last put something on the blog.........but...gee.....sometimes a guy has other things to do........even if those things are not very important. I have been somewhat lacking in keeping up with the various morons of the week, so this week I am gonna have to give you a Moron Of The Week that will cover all of the times that I have failed to come up with one here on the blog.
To choose Rosie O'Donnell as the Moron Of The was a no-brainer. Aside from her most recent barrage of anti-American, pro-terrorism, ultra-liberal verbal are a few more things that come to mind to describe the moron known as Rosie O'Donnell:
Feminine?......not a chance
She cannot smile
Looks like she smells something bad
She has never been funny....ever.
Did I mention that she must be addicted to twinkies?
Her bottom teeth are always showing, unless she snarls as in the photo above.
She is allegedly suffering from depression.........who would have guessed?

And now on to some stuff I gotta mention about other things:

Stick a fork in ole Oscar............the award no longer impresses me. Toss Oscar in the trashbin with the Grammy. Both awards are so flagrantly predictable, it just wastes your time to bother watching.

No doubt about it, it was a sad end to this sad person. If her life was a circus, it was no surprise that after she died, the show must go on. During the Judge Fonzie show.......the media reported that it was a "circus" in the courtroom. Well anybody could have said that and it would have been true indeed....but the icing on that cake came about when that video of Anna Nicole Smith with clown makeup was played in the courtroom. If you are gonna have a gotta have a clown. It is sad. Here are a few things I have to say about this whole fiasco:
In my opinion:
If a woman, regardless of her notoriety, has numerous sex partners, and in return she recieves "perks" and "gifts" such as "favors", "money", "living arrangements", and even "drugs".......there is no other words to describe her profession other than "prostitute". I am sure we will hear of all sorts of fairly wealthy old farts that have done business with her.
Howard K. Stern is nothing but a wannabee, whose entire existence relied heavily upon whatever he could suck out of Anna Nicole Smith. Did he have affection for her?........of course he did...........he still does......and he is doing his damned best to make sure he can do some more sucking.
All of those lawyers involved. They are not kidding anyone here.......each and every one of them see dollar signs.
Anna Nicole Smith's "estranged" mother. I feel sorry for her to a certain degree.......but......she is seeing dollar signs too. I am also not surprised that she and her daughter were not all happy-happy together.....after all.......I wouldn't think any drug addict would have a close, warm and fuzzy relationship with her mother if her mother happens to be in law enforcement. Of course Anna Nicole was upset with her mom....her mom was a cop!
The baby.........unfortunately, the best thing for this kid would be if all of the above named persons all went away. If ever there was a kid needing adoption.........there ya go. Personally, I would have no problem with this kid's actual biological father getting custody........with certain conditions. Keep the kid off of the TV, no movies, and no money from any possible inheritance until the age of 21.
My personal thoughts on the death of Anna Nicole Smith AND the death of her son Daniel...........homicide......plain and's a no-brainer. Most likely there is more than one person that should be held accountable. Without a doubt, WHOEVER "supplied" the drugs needs to be in jail. WHOEVER "dispensed" those drugs needs to be in jail. And WHOEVER "enabled" and "encouraged" the abuse of those drugs needs to be in jail. I predict that the doctor's involved in this, along with Howard K. Stern, will be rung up on charges very soon.
This should sum it all up.........normally, when somebody dies...........immediate family members, and very close friends, do not find it upon themselves to lawyer up with dozens of lawyers. Also, when someone dies, it is not the norm to bargain with media and give exclusive rights to video of the funeral. Then again.............most of us really loved the person that passed away and are not blinded by flashing dreams of millions of dollars. It is sad. What all of this tells me, is that none of them really cared for Anna Nicole the person.......they only cared for what being associated with her might get them.

And Jesus God.........will somebody please teach Greta Van Susteren how to say "Anna Nicole Smith"??????!!!!!!!! She simply cannot say it correctly.......she continually says "Ann Nicole" or "Anna Cole".

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