Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Assorted Ramblings

Here are a few things I just have to mention today:

They might as well cut to the chase and create the "Law & Order" Channel.

While they are at it..........a "CSI" Channel, too.

I used to think MSNBC's Chris Matthews was at least worth watching now and again.........but not any more. "Hardball" sucks more than ever before. Somebody needs to tell Matthews that his infatuation with uttering the name "Scooter Libby" as if it is the most important thing to do every day.....well.....maybe Matthews could sit down with Keith Olbermann and actually watch some of the other news programs and take notice that there are other more serious issues out there that they need to be telling people about. (hint in there are people on the planet that want to kill Americans including Matthews and Olbermann)

I visited my cardiologist for my annual checkup. He said "See you next year". Sounds good to me.

I also went to the Maryland Motor Vehicles Administration offices to renew the license tags on my car. For the first time in history, I only spent fifteen minutes there! Later that evening it snowed! kidding! On a sad note.........the next day I read in the local newspaper where the Motor Vehicle Administration announced that because of more stringent requirements regarding driver's licenses, we will all be spending more time in line at their offices. One step forward.....three steps back!

I am irritated by all of the yack on the news about the idiots that want to be President. We are nowhere near an election yet and people are trying to tell us who is in the lead! Did I miss something somewhere?

Regarding those news polls.............they have never called me....not even once! I wonder just who they have been calling?

It is almost laughable how people on tv rant and rave and whine about how many of our soldiers have been killed in Iraq...........all the while these same morons haven't expressed any outrage about the number of people killed in Baltimore every year. They also have no complaints about the thousands of deaths every year resulting from lousy driving, the flu, pneumonia, heart attacks, poison, etc, etc.

There is a part of me that gets irritated when tornado victims say "God protected us!" Part of me wants to scream out "If God was protecting you, there would not have been a tornado" or "If God was looking out for you, He would have prevented you from buying that trailer"

It's hard to believe it's February already! I still have candy canes to eat.

Da Bears blew it.

And how about that Purple Publisher, Prince. Prince is now a Jehovah's Witness. Most people probably did not notice that during his performance during halftime at the Super Bowl, Prince threw in a snippet of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower". Well I noticed. I noticed how he managed to insert his own words into that song....."allllll along the watchtower......"and I've picked up a few". Apparently he has. I wonder how all of the other Jehovah's Witnesses out ther felt seeing one of their own strutting around in a pimp suit on top of his own personal icon which was designed to reflect the male and female in him.......hmmm. And did you notice that "do-rag" on his head? I did.....and then it hit me.........he is copying Little Richard. By the way, I wonder if Prince wears those high heels when he goes door to door on Saturday mornings. Ain't he special?

Oh well.....I feel much better now having said this stuff.

Have a look at some of God's artwork.

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