Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What The Buck Is Going On?!

A sure sign of the end of the world would be if the dollar bill
had my fuzzy mug on ya go!

Okay, all kidding aside now.....time for some serious indications of the world's demise.

You might see the picture above and ask yourself ...." could it be possible that a children's toy is an example of our demise? Has Signtopia overdosed on steamed crabs?"

No.........the excessive consumption of steamed crabs was a bright spot in our existence. But sometimes I must point out assorted indicators of society's demise. Case in point......the simple toy known as a plastic bowling pin. You might be scratching your head wondering about this one.

My wife, Supernurse, is....of course....a registered nurse. She has been a nurse for quite some time now and the majority of her career has been spent tending to the fine people that find it absolutely necessary to visit the emergency room at the hospital. Yes, she is an ER nurse and a damn good one at that.

Okay, so what does my wife being a nurse have to do with the bowling pin?.....well......I have asked my wife everyday when she gets home from work, "How was work?", and she tells me. Some days she says "Everybody has the flu.", or "Lot's of broken bones". Sometimes she has to deal with legions of drunks or a few stabbings. Out of curiosity, I once asked her to tell me what was the strangest or oddest reasons some have come to the ER........specifically those that she had to deal with personally.

As ridiculous as it is that alot of people come to the ER for a runny nose and a coughing spell, there are those times when some serious stuff is encountered......and this is where the Fisher-Price Bowling Pin enters the scenario.

If ever there was an indication of our demise..........this has to be darned close to number one on the list.

Supernurse told me that she had a patient in the ER that had a "special" problem...........
and that problem was that the patient had one of these Fisher-Price bowling pins stuck completely up his rectum.............imagine that! What possesses people to stick a toy up inside their tail ends? What?...........nothing on television that night? Pissed off at his dog? Lost his lottery tickets?

I can think of no good reason to shove a toy bowling pin up one's own rump. I might could understand shoving a few of these up some politicians ass, but to do it to yourself?........that is unfathomable.

And to add insult to injury, and reinforce all indications of things so completely awry that our demise must be imminent, was what else she told me...............

about the night some dude came into the ER with a bocce ball jammed up in his dumphole. Jesus God!.....It's the End Of The World!

I suppose that, the next time you are sitting in the waiting room at the Emergency Department of your local hospital, feeling miserable, and pissed that you have to wait for several hours before being will remember reading this blog and be able to put things in perspective...........maybe you will enjoy the long wait now as you sit there and wonder which one of the other people in the waiting room has a thing for bowling pins or bocce balls......hehehe.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a birthday party for my friend "Merf" (shown kneeling).
It was his 50th birthday! I had a great time......and it wasn't simply a birthday party but also a reunion, of sorts...........quite a few folks from the old neighborhood were in attendance. Some of them, I had not seen in many, many, years. Damn......we are all geeting old....except for Tony (the short Italian dude in the center of the picture). Tony looks today exactly as he looked when he was a teenager. Tony will look like this when he is 85....and I bet he will still kick a soccer ball around.
For some reason, I was the only one with the long hair.......hehehe.....some of us NEVER change.
It was great to see them all and I hope it doesn't take another twenty years to see them again.

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