Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sexton Family Reunion Trip Pt.2

A cherishable moment caught in a snapshot. Ten years ago, I couldn't have imagined having this be with my mom and my siblings......all together at one Hendersonville, North Carolina............the birthplace of my mom. You cannot purchase these kinds of days. It is simply a gift............a life's gift. If not for my mom, I would have never existed. If not for my mom, I would not have been on that porch of the Poplar Lodge.

The Poplar Lodge,, is currently a dining experience. Aside from its beautiful setting on the mountainside, there is a personal connection to this place because of my mom. When she was a`very young girl, she once lived on these premises. At that time, it was not a restaurant, but a "lodge" of a sort. Details are not clear on how she came to be living there at that time, but she tells me that she would stand outside on a tree stump and sing her heart out.

At the top of the steps in the front of the Lodge are these statues of lions. I don't know why, but there was something about those statues that make you draw near to them.

All joking aside.........the place is beautiful......peaceful.......and very romantic.

We decided to have dinner at the Poplar Lodge and we arrived during daylight. I am glad we got there when we did so I could see the outside grounds and the structure of the building.

Around the back of the property is this sight. Iron fencing and gates with golden initials. Stone walks and a back porch with a fantastic view.

Inside, the first impression you get is that it is rather dark. It does brighten up once your eyes get adjusted. You immediately see a few cushioned chairs and a sofa in front of a fireplace, which serves as a waiting area. Throughout the waiting area are displays of antique items that are hardly typical of any you would encounter in a restaurant. From antique cash register to early motorized scooter hanging on the wall, there are plenty of things to find interesting here. It's practically a museum.
What really caught my eye was a sign that said "The World's Only Smellin' Machine".

Keep in mind that the place is rather dark and that darkness seems to make these displays even more mysterious than they are. Next to the sign was indeed, a "smellin' machine" and it appears that it is the original one too.

Imagine that.....I go on a trip for a family reunion and encounter a "smellin' machine"....hehehe.

I feasted on salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, and a "crab cake".
A crab cake in the mountains of North Carolina? Huh?
Well...........I suppose there would be many people that would order a crab cake here and really enjoy it........but me?........uh-oh........this dude from Baltimore has a very high crab cake standard that must be met............and if it ain't made like it was plucked out of the Chesapeake Bay yesterday and doused with Old Bay seafood seasoning, it ain't edible.......hehehe.
In all fairness, I did succomb to the "crab cake" and devoured it. How was it? can I describe it? first reaction was that it was made with Bisquick or Jiffy Mix........yep.....that's it! And where I come from, it ain't a legitimate crab cake unless it is 90% crab meat.......and this "crab cake"....well.........maybe a tablespoon full of meat in it. Don't get me wrong tasted okay, it was edible, and I ate it. Would I order another one here?......not likely. Was the salmon good?.......excellent!
Two loaves of bread were set in front of us. For some reason, that loaf on the left kept staring at me as if it was .........well............let your own imagination see what I was seeing....hehehe. The overall service here was great and we all enjoyed our dining experience.
Because of this place's history and the fact that it was so dark inside, I asked our waiter if the place was haunted. He told us that some people have reported seeing something upstairs. People would take pictures up there and when they got their pictures developed they would show "orbs" and ghostly images. And at least one of the waiters that works there frequently sees stuff. Naturally, my curiosity has been aroused now, and so my sisters, my neice, and I decided to do what curious people ought to do........and that is......go upstairs, look around and take some pictures!

The upstairs at the Lodge is not much different from the lower level.....there is areas with tables for dining, an area with a couch and cushioned chairs, and a hallway area with several small vestibules and rooms, one of which serves as the office at the end of the hall. I used a flash when I took the above picture.........this area, without a flash, is very dimly lit.

I used a flash again for this one..........I don't see anything.......but I thought......maybe the camera might show some results.............but nahhhh.....I don't see anything.

I took a few more pictures without a flash and the end result was a black square. Nothing.
Oh well.......maybe the ghosts were away for their own reunion somewhere.....hehehe.
To sum this up..........I had a great time.
Next blog entry will be about other parts of the trip.

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