Monday, December 26, 2016

It was a challenging Christmas shopping season. Managed to get through it in a reasonable fashion.
The past two years, in particular, were tough for me........because of health issues. Hopefully this new year will be much better.

I have met some very challenging requests for shells. I had a HUGE order for a convention........all of it was display boxes with lots of US flags and Maryland flags. Somehow I managed to get it all done in time......I had very short notice. There has been some requests for very challenging artwork on the shells. I was able to meet those challenges and then some.

So here we are at the end of the year........reflecting.

I have plans for the new year. Different designs on the ideas......and I intend to make some even more unique than what has already been done. For those that have started a collection, this should be good news for you. For any of my competitors out there, you might want to step up your game......hehehe.
To be fair and honest about it, I have seen some pretty darn good painted shells on the internet.......nice. Then again, I have seen some downright sad attempts at painting crab shells..........hey, I am positive that I have painted some shells that, after looking back on them, I am not very proud of. As time goes on, one gets better at what they do........hopefully.

I haven't been posting much here on the blog. I will try to be better about that. These days the majority of communication is via Facebook. Be sure to look for me on Facebook. Search for "hand painted crab shells" and you will find me.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and here's to wishing and hoping we all have a freat and prosperous New Year!

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