Friday, June 03, 2016

Painted Crab Shells

The thought occurred to me to think outside of the box.
In other words, utilize the crab shell as the head of a character.
This doesn't work with many characters..........however.......there are a few that work rather well.

 How about a cartoon raven?

 Angry crab?

 Why not Garfield?

 I've never understood the fascination some folks have regarding flip-flops. People want flip-flop earrings, name it. I decided to put flip-flops on a crab shell.

 One customer requested a shell with the logo of a fire department somewhere in South Carolina.

 Another request for Anne Arundel County Police Dept.

 The same flip-flop shell as shown before.........except this photo shows the finished product.

 Hippies and Deadheads love crabs too.

 One customer asked if I had a shell with the GMC logo on it. He said you never see anything with the GMC logo.........its always Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. Ask......and ye shall receive.

And last, but surely not least...........ELMO!

For more photos of my work, check the archives for posts about crab shells.

To see a wide assortment of painted crab shells..........uh......the largest selection of painted crab shells anywhere.......come on down to the Northpoint Plaza Flea Market in Dundalk, MD.  Saturdays from 7am until 3pm. Sundays from 7am until 4pm. 

You can watch me work on some shells, ask me all sorts of questions, and maybe start shopping for Christmas.

Stay Tuned! 


  1. How do I order your magnificence?!?!?
    Cricket- annapolis Md

  2. How do I order your magnificence?!?!?
    Cricket- annapolis Md

    1. Purchases and orders require a visit to the flea market mentioned above.