Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Folk Ups - Too Much

I have been a fan of The Tubes for a long, long, time. Bill "Sputnik" Spooner played guitar, sang, and wrote the majority of The Tubes songs. When it "stopped being fun" and "to get healthy", Spooner quit the group. He didn't entirely disappear though......he has his own studio in his home and teaches and performs in the San Francisco area. One of his after-Tubes experiences was the Folk-ups. In this video, Bill Spooner sings the song Too Much. Pay attention to the words of the song. This song may well be the anthem for every disabled, or unable to work man whose wife is the breadwinner. For me, this song comes across as a bit ironic for Spooner, the shoe is on the other foot since leaving the life as a Tube. Also, for me, this song pretty much tells the story about Supernurse, my wife. The absolutely touching moment of the song are the lyrics at the end. I feel the same way as Bill Spooner does.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

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