Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Todd Rundgren Baltimore Concert - Coming Soon

What more can I say?

Todd Rundgren "Arena" concert at Ram's Head Live! in Baltimore, Tuesday April 14th.
During the first leg of the tour, I went to the Todd concert in Austin, Texas and it was awesome. This is one show you don't want to miss.

Supporting Todd onstage will be Kasim Sulton, Jesse Gress, Prairie Prince and Rachel Haden.
Anytime you get half of the members of Utopia onstage it's gonna be great. I am so looking forward to this show.

You might be wondering who are these people in Todd's band? Kasim Sulton has pretty much been performing with Todd for many years. He was the bass player for the second incarnation of Utopia. He also has been the music director for Meatloaf for many years. Kasim is one of the best......for this tour, Kasim will be playing guitar and keyboard. Jesse Gress is a guitarist to the nth power and was/is part of the Tony Levin Band. Prairie Prince is on drums and he has been on countless albums of various bands. Prairie is probably best known for being the drummer of The Tubes and I gotta tell ya, he is fantastic. Rachel Haden will be on bass. Rachel is the daughter of jazz musician Charlie Haden and was a member of the group "that dog". Rachel is just one of a set of triplets. She does a great job on bass and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The show is gonna be loud and tons of guitar and I like it. Don't expect to hear Hello, It's Me or Bang The Drum All Day.......they ain't on the setlist.

If you are in Baltimore, go get your tickets now! will NOT regret it. If you ain't gonna go, then at least order the Todd Rundgren "Arena" cd online.......forget AC/DC.

I will write about the show the day or two afterwards. I will include pictures if I can manage to sneak a few.

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