Thursday, February 19, 2009

United States Is Being Destroyed

I have a few things I just have to get off of my chest today. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would bet it all that 99.9% would agree with everything I write here about how things have been going in regards to the powers that be. Having said that, now I must spell it all out.

You would have to be a brain-dead moron not to have noticed that our government is taking huge steps toward socialism. Throughout our entire history, socialism has never been a part of the equation. In fact, it is something that many of our enemies.......get that?......enemies........not our friends.........participate in. This is supposed to be the United States of America and not France or Russia. Everybody knows that most of the people eligible to vote in this country, actually do not even bother to do so. Some would argue that it doesn't matter if they did or did not vote since the political machines decide what morons and puppets we get to choose from. I agree completely. Why should we vote for either one? And we are all led to believe that we have a two party system......ha!.....that is a big joke on us. Think about many times have we all heard politicians from both parties proclaim "we are able to cross the aisle"? Hmmmm.....cross the aisle? What aisle? There is no is just a fictitious, non-existent, bullshit line that most of the politicians spout off for us to hear. They actually think that it is supposed to make us all feel all warm and fuzzy that alleged opposing parties can work together for some alleged common cause. What cause?............THEIRS......not OURS! Senators and Congressmen (and women) are supposed to represent the PEOPLE of the United States. It has been shown repeatedly that they simply, as a whole, have never done anything for our benefit or because of our demands. These deceptive morons are in it for one thing only....and that is their own personal gain. When did we all decide to let these people make a career out of duping us? You or I could not get away with the things these politicians get away with.......we would be fired. Oh sure......there are some of them that make everything look pretty good......they get on tv......spin their alot......and tell us that they are working hard for us. Unfortunately, the reality is that they are working hard on getting re-elected with every breath. These people have no principles. None. The majority of them are lawyers and they are all part of the millionaires club, each of them more wealthy than the majority of voters.

I am sick of reports where the people of the United States overwhelmingly are against various actions of these politicians. People have made the phone calls to their representatives in opposition to this bailout of the banks.....and what did they do?.........they voted for the bailout. Pelosi and Reid saw the polls where the majority of their constituents were against it and what did they do?.........they, of course, said that they know better than we do and pushed it forward. And this is not just the bailout was the alleged stimulus bill and many others.

This biggest farce is that the political machines what you to believe there is a boogeyman to blame for everything that goes wrong......and that the boogeyman is George Bush. Balderdash! That is nothing but a distraction from the real culprits. The real culprit......the real powers that none other than the richest of the rich......the elite of the elite. Try looking up some information about the Bilderberg Group sometime.........these people are directing the course for the entire planet. You and I are not important to them, but the politicians want to desperately kiss the asses of this group......and they do. I could go into details but why should I? There is nothing short of a revolt that is gonna change anything.

The automobile manufacturers. It seems to me that if you want to actually sell alot of cars, you need to start making cars that people actually want. We want a decent car that is affordable and will last more than a few years.............just like the old cars they used to make. This is the bottom line. We don't want cars that cost 30,000 or more and runs on a battery. How will we be able to afford the electric bills which will go up when we are recharging up those batteries? This makes no sense. And let's cut to the chase and stop that nonsense about gasoline. Leaded gas was abandoned and unleaded gas was touted as being cleaner for our air. Bullhockey! The bogosity has to stop......all it is is yet another scam to bilk the citizens out of billions of dollars. Our air is no cleaner in Baltimore, even though we have to visit emissions testing stations every two years. Baltimore lost all sorts of industrial plants so by default the air should now be cleaner.........yet the cancer rate is higher here than anywhere else......go figure. We have all been hoodwinked.

In Sparrows Point, there are plans to built a liquid natural gas plant which would have pipelines running.,above ground, through all of the communities that stretch along Interstate 95. Studies were done, commissions were formed, and the community adamantly voiced their opposition to the plant. So what are they gonna do?..........they are going ahead with the plan anyway. Nice eh? Somehow I would bet that T. Boone Pickens is gonna make alot of money.

So what shall we do about all of this?

Well............we all need to show a vote of "no confidence" in our politicians. Each and every one of them. We need to go up against the system and clean it all out and start fresh. How we do that, I do not know. I do know one thing though, if we do not start now.......then our children's children's children are gonna be slaves......oppressed and held into submission by the elite.

God help us.

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