Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aruba Trip Part Six

The Chesapeake Medical Staffing group booked a catamaran cruise for our gang. It was a mid-day cruise which included snorkeling opportunities. So there I was..............and I was gonna enjoy every minute of it.

My friend, Captain Morgan, and his wife Florence Nightingale were with us. Everything is even more enjoyable when you have good friends along with you.

We filled up the catamaran to the maximum allowed. We all sat......except for a few.......and listened to the safety instructions from the crew. Everybody was chomping at the bit and ready to get this party started.

As we sailed away from Palm Beach and headed along the coastline, we could see the sole mountain of Aruba in the distance. It looks like a pyramid...........maybe even a volcano.

Looking out in the opposite direction was the vast Caribbean Sea. I would have been satisfied to just sit there and look out over the water. The water, for me, has a calming effect........very therapeutic and affects the soul. Still.......there is something about the deep that is ominous foreboding.

Here is Supernurse, the owner of my heart. It makes me feel good when I see her having a good time.............and she was having a good time...........therefore I was feeling good. Have I mentioned how hot the sun is in Aruba? is a scorcher. Thankfully, we are there in late October and not in mid-July or August..........I couldn't imagine that.

As we sailed, I looked back at assorted hotels........they were getting farther away.

Even the mountain blends in with the hotels.
We passed by a shipwreck along the coast. I believe this was a pirate ship......I may be wrong, though. It was hard for me to tell.

The catamaran's name was the "Rumba" and was operated by Red Sail Sports. The crew was very nice and very good at what they do. There was a bar where assorted wacky named mixed concoctions were served...........oh.........and, of course.......Balashi!

Some of the time, we just sat around in the sun and gabbed as we looked at our surroundings. For the most part, our gang was anticipating the opportunity to go snorkeling.

Everybody was happy.

This is the infamous California Lighthouse. I have no idea why it would be named that since it is in Aruba. This is the northwestern tip of the island. Lot's of large rocks here and sparse development. If you live near here, you must be rather wealthy.

Everybody is getting toasted while getting toasted.

They even had music playing and whenever music is playing some people are gonna start dancing.......and that is exactly what they did.

This is a pirate ship. This one wasn't wrecked and is a tourist attraction.

You are probably wondering........."Hey......I thought you said something about snorkeling."

I am saving that for the next installment.....hehehe.

Stay Tuned!

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