Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Gotta Say This Stuff

I find myself accumulating certain thoughts about stuff and I have to get some of it off my chest, here we go.........

As taxpayers, each and every one of you should be sick of the way things are. It's about time that each of you take action and let your voice be heard. NOW is the time for the FAIR TAX and get rid of the ridiculous tax system we have currently. Unfortunately, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are entertaining the Fair Tax plan. This means that you need to tell them. Unfortunately, the politicians, even though there may be overwhelming outcry, will usually vote or act in the complete opposite of their constituents. This makes you wonder just WHO their "constituents" really are.

Case in point.....the Bailout of Wall Street. Where is OUR bailout?

If you or I rob someone, there are tremendous odds that we will be fully prosecuted when caught. When politicians rob us, nothing happens to them as a result......they were just doing their jobs.........imagine that!.........just doing their jobs. Well, they are not doing things right by any one of us. The overwhelming majority of politicians have continually worked against the people. It is about time that we take back control of things. If we do not..........we are doomed.

If you are not registered to vote and you just sit on your ass on election day, YOU are a major part of the problem. I would agree with you however, if you said "There isn't anyone worth voting for." The problem with that, though, is we need to think outside the box. The candidates may not be the best possible folks to elect, yet, each of us need to vote for ALL of us. You wouldn't be voting for the politician, you would be voting for YOU. If that sounds confusing, it is.
We have so many issues to deal with.....crisis after crisis. In the bigger picture, you might want to think about certain main underlying issues that, if those are not dealt with NOW, all of the other issues are moot.

In case you haven't noticed, our politicians have taken huge steps towards embracing Socialism.
This must be stopped in it's tracks. This issue alone should be enough reason to vote AGAINST Barack Obama and vote FOR John McCain. Some of you might say that we have to choose the lesser of two evils.........I might agree with that since I cannot justify voting for anyone completely evil.

Just think how out of control the politicians have become. Did anyone notice that your Senators and Representatives are supposedly acting and reflecting the people of their respective States? Ha!.........I cannot come up with one thing my own Senators have done for me .......ever. But I can CAN come up with tons of stuff that they have done TO me and you. Consider back during the Democratic Primary..........remember?......Hillary Clinton was battling Obama.........and she overwhelmingly was supported by the Democrat people in the State Of West Virginia. Even though she whooped Obama's butt in West Virginia, that ancient know the one.......the old, blubbering, senile, career politician Robert Byrd gets on tv and announces that he supports Obama. What?

Again, when the people were against the bailout....overwhelmingly...........the politicians, overwhelmingly voted for it. Now I am thinking that something is very amiss here. Is it that the overwhelming majority of people are morons?........or is it that the overwhelming majority of politicians are morons? Take your pick............

Barney Frank...........Can somebody please explain to me how this fat blubbering, toothless moron, not only gets elected......but gets appointed to serious positions of power and control, and is NEVER held accountable for his contributions to the destruction of our economy? It's about time that people of the ilk of Barney Frank are thrown in jail for their crimes. At the very least, let's get him out of office and let him go to work for his money.

Remember?........I tried to warn everyone a long time ago when the Democrats took control of the House and the Senate. Pelosi and Hoyer have done zilch in the two years they have led.....until now. Their first action is the bailout........and the majority of the people were against that. I do not need to see any more. Let's vote these morons out of office.

So who am I going to vote for?

Arrrggghhh. Right now, the only breath of fresh air to enter the scene is Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. I am willing to give her an opportunity to get her foot in the door to try to make changes. Of course, she would only be the Vice-President and be limited to her abilities, but it would be a step in the right direction. Obama is out of the question, he may be a relatively new face on the scene, but he is a Socialist. I cannot trust him one bit. He offers "Change" alright.

Third Party candidates?......hmmm......they are tempting.......but only because they would upset the cart. Problem with them is, not one of them stands out in any way , shape, or form. Perhaps by the time the next election comes around, maybe there will be someone that steps forth.

So......I am left with John McCain. I like McCain.....always did. I do not always agree with him and I don't like the idea that he is older than the hills.........but.........I think McCain has the ability to really change some things.

My vote goes for McCain and Palin.

Regardless of what is still the End Of The World!.....hehehe.

But seriously.........that time is soon.....and I surely wouldn't want to get to that day of judgement after having sat on my ass and not even bother to vote to make things better and hold politicians accountable and then get asked the question "What have you done to take care of the world that I loved so much?"

Think about that.

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