Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Piece Of My Mind

I just had to mention this "stuff". I am sure I am not the only person on the planet that has noticed this "stuff".

So here is the "stuff":

1. Maryland should use the following slogan and put it on every sign where people enter the state. "Welcome To Maryland........The Land Of The Structural Deficit". Maryland was once touted as being the Land Of Pleasant Living, however.....we are quickly becoming the Land Of PEASANT Living" thanks to our politicians........lead by the number one moron, Gov. Martin O'Malley.

2. I would bet I can enter into any place where many people are gathered, anywhere in Maryland......except for the state assembly.......and ask "Who here voted for Martin O'Malley?" and I guarantee you that absolutely nobody would raise their hands and admit to being such a fool. Of course though.......alot of folks would not be raising their hands because they don't want to let O'Malley get a hold of their wallets.......hehehe.

3. A short while back, I was waiting at a traffic light and a MTA transit bus pulled up to the corner and dropped a few freedom riders off. I looked at all of the advertising that is plastered all over the sides of the bus.......but I could not read anything that was there. Every ad was in Spanish! The only English to be found was the destination banner in front of the bus. Is this kind of "stuff" supposed to get us all hungry for some tacos or chili? This is our tax dollars at work, eh? Before long, you will need pesos to get on that bus.

4. It is a fact that in Maryland an illegal immigrant can obtain a valid driver's license...........and it is also a fact that I cannot get my vehicle to pass the State Emissions Test because I have a "check engine" light lit up on the dashboard..........let's just say that if they could ignore the dummy light and test the emmissions, I could pass the test.....BUT NO WAY.....not here......that little light is a major block in the process..........meanwhile.....that MTA bus that I mentioned above, was spewing out so much smoke that I had to wait a couple of minutes before I could see if the light had changed. The emissions test is bogus and needs to be done away with.

5. I have never heard an "Air America" radio show, but I understand that it is a hard left liberal venture. I would have no reason to listen to it..............but somehow it keeps making the news. Aside from reports that Air America has had tremendous difficulty getting started.........reports of lack of finances etc etc............extreme lack of ratings..........hmmmm, I wonder why that is?....hehehehe.........I remember hearing about one of their program hosts flat out stating that the President of the US, George Bush, should be "assassinated". There was no outcry.........and no repercussions for the host having said such a thing. So now, that same host spews off a few choice words about a liberal, one Hillary Clinton. She called her a "fu#@*%! who$%!......imagine that! Days later, this moron host announces that she has resigned. Let's's okay to say stuff about republicans or conservatives, but NEVER beat up on the liberals. I guess we know why Air America sucks so bad.

6. The price of blue crabs in Maryland is going it does every year. This is trickery at its finest. Just a few facts............when you buy a crabcake in a restaurant, the crabmeat used is NOT, for the most part, from Maryland. The infamous Phillips restaurant gets its crabmeat from their own facilities overseas where that bad tsunami's true....just look at the labels on the canned crab they sell. Also, it is a fact that restaurants do not steam crabs and pick them for the meat in order to make your crab cake.......they buy canned crab meat and that crab meat mostly comes from somewhere other than Maryland. I have yet to go to any grocery store here and find crabmeat containers that say "Maryland" on them. Now one could say "that's because there is a shortage"..........bullhockey. The crabbers know what the real problem is. The problem lies with the State of Maryland and its politicians. The State keeps cutting funds for the preservation of the Chesapeake Bay. There are things that would help enhance the population of crabs here but they just do not want to spend the money on it. Why?

I will tell you why. It is because the State Of Maryland, in particular the money grabber politicians, want us all to have to spend more money on crabs. The more you have to spend, the more you pay taxes. Plain and simple. Also, the less crabs, the less the processing companies can afford to pay non-immigrants. Getting the picture? The best solution for this problem is that the State politicians should have no say in the issue and leave it all up to the crabbers. As long as the State has their dog in the race, the prices will continue to rise and the crab population will continue to be minimalized. How do you explain any kind of shortage? Make more......grow more.....and you have more. Plain and simple.

7. I saw former professional wrestler/former Governor of Minnesota/former resident of the USA...Jesse Ventura....on television the other night. He said "If NONE OF THE ABOVE were on every ballot in the presidential election......NONE OF THE ABOVE would win". I agree. Having said that.........surely you all know full well that the majority does not rule in this country. Why?
Hmmmm......several being that the majority of those eligible to vote, do not vote. And can only vote for those that some smaller group decides you get to choose from. Eventually, all of this nonsense has to implode. Oh........and yes.......Jesse Venture lives in Mexico now..........go figure. Why do you suppose he lives there? Aside from excellent beach views.......his money goes a hell of alot farther there then it does here. More bang for his buck. Nice, eh?

8. You have to wonder about the people that tested Preparation A through G.............nobody ever mentions them.

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