Monday, September 28, 2015



That word pretty much sums everything up for the past few months. For those people that have been waiting
for their custom crab shell orders to be completed, rest assured that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth.
Your orders will be completed very soon. "Fallen" may well be the second word that best describes the predicament that I have found myself in. What is that old saying?.........."the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Yep......that's it.

Actually, there has been a series of events this past summer.............beginning with the passing of my little buddy Chico. Chico, our chihuahua gave us eleven loving years of companionship. Always knowing that day would eventually come, it still hurt the family so very bad. Bad enough that I cannot write more about it at this time.

I had been gradually feeling bad for a few months and found myself struggling to keep going, I knew that something was coming upon me and yet I fought it off and kept on plugging away.....determined to get through two major events in grandson's graduation from high school and my wife Supernurse completing her Doctorate for which we were to celebrate with a large party for her.  I was in bad shape and I hung in there.......barely.........I refused to mess up and spoil the festivities. It was a very big deal for our family. Well, I managed to get through it and the night of the party, I went home and proceeded to begin having another heart attack. Went to the hospital and had yet another stent implanted. As far as the heart is concerned I am far so good.........time will tell. 

So I wasted no time getting back in the groove and painted away on crab shells. I was back on track.

Another curve was thrown my way when my uncle, who is 87 yrs old, called and informed me that he could not walk. We got him to the hospital and was found to be dehydrated and depeleted of potassium, After two days in the hospital, he was back at home feeling better but in need of more of my attention and assistance.
Well enough. No problem. Family takes care of family, right? A week later, I took him to his follow up appointment with his doctor........and to the bank, and to get a haircut. So far, so good.

When we returned to his house we could not get the front door to unlock......the key would not work.
Instead of busting the door open we decided to go around to the back of the house and try the back door.
As luck would have it, we could not get the gate to his yard to was rusted. I decided to get myself over the cement block wall that surrounds the I entered the neighbor's yard.....went up onto the porch........and got onto the top of the 5 1/2 foot wall. What began as a good idea.......a solution to thr problem.......turned out to be a HUGE mistake.

I jumped down from the top of the wall and landed hard.............."CRACK!!!!!!"
I could not get up from the ground. To make a long story short........went to the hospital.............diagnosis: shattered right heel, broken coccyx and broken sacrum. In other words, a world of hurt.

The result of my good intentions is that for the past two months I have been unable to walk......cannot put any weight on my foot.........and I have been unable to be in a sitting position. All of this has made it impossible to paint crab shells not to mention a whole host of normal activities. The pain has been excruciating, At this point, I am recovering well.......I suppose. This week I have been able to sit on my butt for short periods with only discomfort. I still cannot stand up without assistance. 
I see the orthopedist again next week.......more x-rays. 

This week I have every intention of beginning to paint shells again...........albeit a little at a time. Christmas is coming and I do not want to disappoint anyone.

Bear with me folks.

P.S    one of my sons has been tending to my tables at the Northpoint Plaza flea market. Stop by and see what shells are left.........hehehe........but there's always more.......soon.

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