Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quick Trip To Austin

 I am constantly reminded as to how I am the luckiest guy and how truly blessed I am. 

My daughter, Noodle decided to give me a special birthday present........albeit a month the form of a paid trip to Austin to attend a Ringo Starr and the All Stars concert at the Moody Theater! Imagine that!
I got to see a Beatle!......and as a special bonus, my favorite musician Todd Rundgren was performing with him! This was really awesome. Not to mention that I got to visit with my daughter and two of my grandchildren. Can't you tell by the picture that happiness abounds?

It was one hell of a show! Totally awesome. Perhaps I will write some more about this but I am pressed for time, as always. I flew to Austin on Tuesday, returned home Friday night, stayed up all night painting crab shells, worked the flea market on Saturday, came home and agonized over the Orioles game and painted more shells and put together some display boxes.........oh yeah........I did manage to get an hour or two of sleep in between all of that. As I write this, me and Supernurse are just about to leave for the airport..........hehehehe..........oh yeah.........we are off to Mexico again for some rest and relaxation........same place as usual. I shall return to Baltimore  on the 19th. Not bad eh?

For those readers who ain't particularly interested in such goings on.....and only here to find out about some painted crab shells, feel free to search around the older posts. My sons will be handling the flea market biz for me until I get back.

See you soon!

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