Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's getting to be that time of year again................oh yeah.........as if I hadn't already had enough to do regarding the crab shells. Yep, time passes by quickly.........maybe too quickly. Every waking moment of my time has been consumed with painting and crafting the crab shell ornaments. I always try to create and add new artwork on the shells and so far, the reaction and responses have been positive. It is a great honor for me that there are people that like my work enough that they are willing to part with their hard earned money in order to take it home with them or give as a gift to someone. It is very gratifying for me.

Lately, I have been adding some Christmas crab shell dioramas to the mix. 

I can also report that special requests and custom orders have increased. I love challenges and some folks have asked for some unusual things on their shells. Needless to say, I give them what they want and they have been happy with the results. 

Since we are approaching the Christmas shopping season, I recommend that folks that come to see me for some painted crab shells and request custom shells or boxes, do so sooner rather than wait until the last minute. I am not planning on staying awake all night on any given date in the two weeks before Christmas.
Order ahead!

For the most part, I have encountered many very nice and wonderful people. Some have been customers and some simply like to stop by at the flea market and have a chat. On the other hand, I have also encountered critics of my work. I do not mind constructive criticism or suggestions........however, I get a bit irritated by some people who try to somehow attempt to negate or devalue my efforts. I can handle insults and the like.........but I haven't very much tolerance for total idiots with no appreciation or comprehension of the amount of work it takes to create these crab shell ornaments. For those people, all I can say is that if they can make these themselves.............."go do it!". There may be some that can and don't...........and some that should and won't.........and still some that did and nobody wanted them.............and then there is Signtopia :)

So stay tuned folks, I have more pictures coming and lots more to say. I promise not to take so long to put in on the blog.
Oh.........and by the way...........if you are in the Baltimore area and want a crab shell or two........stop on in at the Northpoint Plaza Flea Market in Dundalk. If you have special requests, please contact me via this blog by commenting, or contact me via email : signtopia@aol.com. Be sure to type "crab shells" in the subject line.

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