Monday, June 06, 2011


Okay.....okay........what is Brathanki?

Well.......Brathanki is the name of a Polish band. For some reason I have become smitten with this group. The music is unusual......a combination of traditional Polish folk, rock, pop, and all sorts of stuff blended together into a complex earful of talented musicians. A while back, I was wondering about Poland and what they might be listening to on the radio........and this is when I discovered Brathanki. The group has, over the past few years, gone through some changes. The original female singer sought a solo career and they replaced her with two female singers for a while. Since then, they have replaced those two with another lone female singer.

Such changes in lead vocals in any band in the rest of the world would lead to the demise of a group. In Poland, it is almost a tradition it seems. The band Varius Manx has gone through several changes of lead female vocalists and yet has found success with each and every one of them.

So why do I bother mentioning Brathanki here? Well, first, I really enjoy their music......I cannot explain simply strikes a chord with me. And since that is the case, I enjoy sharing good things with those who otherwise might never find themselves with the occasion to even hear such stuff. Therefore, I am providing a few videos of Brathanki from a "live" Polish TV program. These are not recent and show the band with their original lead vocalist. And is all sung in Polish and I generally have no idea what it is that they are singing about. For me, it is not about the words is all about the delivery......and this group delivers well.

Furthermore, it is also a week following the celebration of two birthdays over the weekend for two people very near and dear to me. My "little" sister EBCBEBR and my granddaughter Princess Fartknocker are both a year older now..........Happy Birthday! This is for them as I know they both will enjoy and appreciate it. Now if I can get EBCBEBR to play the flute as fast as in one of the videos.....well...........yes......she is a flutist(sp?).....hehehe.

So here you go.......please watch these videos and hopefully you will be smitten too.

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