Friday, April 01, 2011

Kingdom Hall Phone Calls

For some reason it has been a somewhat rough few weeks. I should not complain.
One of my pals has suffered a stroke and is hospitalized..........he is doing pretty good.....considering. Times are getting tougher.......prices rising........lots of turmoil around the world......wars.....quakes.....unrest.......I had a wicked bout of the flu.......days where nothing seems to go I say more?

I decided to have a little fun here by revisiting the past.

Several years ago I was involved in lots of religious discussions much that I actually hosted a live chat room on the internet where I bantered back and forth with many people of all walks of life......and from all over the world. It was very interesting and I found it to be entertaining as well. It was a good way to waste time.

For some reason the primary focus was on the Jehovah's Witnesses and what they believe or do not believe. Everybody knows that they do the door-to-door thing........but I had discovered that they were also infiltrating the internet......preying on unsuspecting victims. I must say that while there were some very nice Witnesses online they were overshadowed by a high number of vicious venominous Jehovah's Witnesses and their so-called apologetics. The folks at the door would never dare to act as these did online. Nevertheless, there were many major debates over many specific beliefs and teachings. The world online was full of extremely knowledgeable people and students of ancient languages who each would offer up a pissing contest dissecting contexts and ancient words that have long been forgotten. It was amazing at how many self-professed experts in Koine Greek there were......and how scandalous and overbearing many of the participants became over a period of time.

Regarding Jehovah's Witnesses, the problem was that they were all admonished to beware of the internet and for all intents and purposes stay off of the internet and stay out of chat rooms and not mingle with potential "apostates". Of course, some of them would deny such orders just as some still deny that their organization touted that armageddon would occur in 1975. You know the deal.......they said things and yet they didn't say things.....but some heard what they said and believed it dearly. Today they hear things and go as far as to pretend they were never told or taught such.........lying as if they cornered the market on it. This kind of thing makes for alot of arguments......many of which get extremely heated.

A JW would say what he will online and if you asked a JW at your door about what the JW online said......well......they would say stuff like "you can't trust someone online" or "he's probably not in good standing" or "was disfellowshipped". I once asked a JW at my door if there are any real Jehovah's Witnesses online and I was told "No" that they stay away from it. Go figure.

Because of the dilemma between having JWs online and JWs at the door......I figured that I could come up with a way to let Jehovah's Witnesses expose themselves in a way that nobody would doubt the truth of the discussions. Often, I had been called all sorts of names....apostate.....evil.......the name it, I have been called it online.......and I often got called a liar. I would get sent private emails where the message was "how come you know so much about us?". I never got an email that said "everything you say about us is wrong".....yet publically I would be castigated and derided for everything I said or did. There was the ultimate way around all of this. Instead of the online JWs attacking me personally and calling me a liar, they would have to attack their own bonafide JWs in the Kingdom Halls for revealing the truth about their beliefs.

It was easy for the online JWs to deny that they are taught to believe that Jesus is the fallen angel of the abyss...........if I said that's what they believe.........BUT they have a hard time denying their "brothers" who confirm such teachings with their own mouths. I merely provided the avenue for such to happem.

I started making phone calls to various Kingdom Hall across the United States and did it LIVE! in the chat room where everyone could hear. Needless to say......the online JWs were not very happy about it.

Fortunately, somebody managed to record some of these calls including calls by others. I held these recordings on the backburner for many years now and I decided that some of these calls and some of the assorted parodies that I created should be shared with the world.

I have always said regarding the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society that "Nothing does as much harm to them than their own words." And that goes for both the written word and the spoken word.

Here is the first of what will be a series of videos. Feel free to comment about what you hear on the video.

As of this date, I have no information that Jehovah's Witnesses believe anything contrary to what is confirmed on these other words.......if they have gotten any "new light" recently......hehehe.

In this video the phone call is regarding their "Memorial" which is the only day that they celebrate anything.........unfortunately......they celebrate the DEATH of Christ! Furthermore, you will hear that is it "not advisable" for anyone to partake of the symbolic flesh and blood of Christ which is passed around at the Memorial. These "emblems" are rejected by the Witnesses.


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