Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008

Today is Christmas Eve and up to this point Christmas has been a bit different than all previous many ways............I suppose this is part of a normal progression. Time has a way of changing everything. Ordinarily, at this stage of Christmas there would be several gifts jammed under the tree.........but not this year. Now don't go thinking that Ole Signtopia has hit hard times.............sure, times are harder for everybody but this is not really the case here. It has been a great year for me......much has been accomplished and enjoyed. As time passes along, you realize that all of those previous Christmases still remain in your mind and there is no possible way to outdo what you have previously done. It is impossible to ever equal them. Each Christmas now needs to be a time of reflection. Every Christmas from this point forward needs to be a venture into areas unexplored before..........time to be a bit different.

I was asked..."What do you want for Christmas?". I responded jokingly "To wake up on Christmas morning." But it isn't really a joke at all. What more could I ask for? With each day that I wake up I am blessed and I should not be so greedy to expect more than that. I cannot think of a better gift. I could only hope that by my getting such a gift, that others experience some sort of benefit from it. Yep, this is a different Christmas this children have all grown up and Christmas had always been about our kids. Me and Supernurse always put our kids first. I can say without one doubt that we had spoiled our kids beyond a reasonable level. If they wanted it, they pretty much got it. If we wanted it, we did without it so the kids could have stuff. But today, there are no little kids running around and poking through presents. Our "kids" today are our grandchildren and they are at their own homes poking around the presents in anticipation of Christmas morning.

Time is sure flying by. Here's a picture of Signtopia Expansion Pack 2.1
Before we know it, he will be driving. He's cute as a button.........then again.......when has anyone ever went into a JCPenney's, walked over to a rack of shirts and said "Look at those cute buttons!"...........seriously though, Expansion Pack 2.1 is one good looking boy. I am gonna have to rely on pictures and videos of his Christmas in Texas.......hint, hint. .......but who am I to complain? I am positive that he will have a wonderful Christmas.

It has been kind of a tradition in the Signtopia household to have some grandkids come decorate the tree and this year has been no exception. Princess Fartknocker and her brother, the Mayor Of Simpleton, did a great job cramming our tree with ornaments. I, of course, put the lights on the tree first. Our tree is beautiful thanks to them.

Time has sped along rapidly this year and I know that it isn't just me that feels that way. It seems like yesterday that I was in Florida having Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the gang. Because of the great expense that me and Supernurse went to for the accommodations in Florida, we had told our kids that it was a huge part of their Christmas gifts. Stuff like that, you cannot wrap and put under the tree. Today being Christmas Eve, we will all gather together and have dinner.......except for small contingent in Texas. It will all be good. Gifts will be exchanged, grandkids will be excited, and bellies will be full. There are many people on the planet that won't even have that experience.................what more could we ask for?

There will be gifts under the tree this year in the Signtopia house.......maybe not nearly as many as before.........but there will be something there.............but that is not what is important.......nor is it as special and memorable as the gifts we have been given that can not be unwrapped. For those, I am eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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